2nd Day Certified Translation
We provide a quick turnaround for the following certified and notarized translations to/from Romanian: birth, marriage and death certificate, school transcript and diploma, immigration documents, court order, divorce decree, judgement, Police record.
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2nd Day Certified Translation

We understand that many times customers can not afford to wait a few days to have their documents translated and certified. That is why we provide a premium service for the following certified and notarized translations:

    • birth, marriage and death certificate

    • school transcript and diploma

    • immigration documents

    • court order, divorce decree, judgement

    • Police record, affidavit, power of attorney

Contact us to get your Free Quote today. Once wetranslate and certify the documents, we can deliver them in digital format or via regular mail.

This service is provided for small documents (one or two pages) and is subject to availability. In order to expedite the processing of these translations, we accept payments via PayPal. Rates for this service are higher than the regular rate; mailing expenses are covered by the customer.

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