2nd Day Certified Translation
We provide a quick turnaround for the following certified and notarized translations to/from Romanian: birth, marriage and death certificate, school transcript and diploma, immigration documents, court order, divorce decree, judgement, Police record.
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About Us

We are a global network of highly qualified translators and interpreters, providing specialized Romanian translation and interpretation.

Our network consists of well educated linguists, many with degrees in translating, interpreting or linguistics from reputable language institutes. To ensure that the translations we deliver to you are as accurate as possible, we monitor quality at every point in the translation process.

ATA does not offer a certification program for Romanian translators. That is when years of college education and real-life experience are heavily evaluated. Here are some of the qualifications that our translators must have in order to work with Romanian Language Solutions:

   - Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Language or Linguistics
   - 10+ Years of Translation Work Experience
   - Certification by a Professional Translation Association
   - Working in their Native Mother Tongue

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