2nd Day Certified Translation
We provide a quick turnaround for the following certified and notarized translations to/from Romanian: birth, marriage and death certificate, school transcript and diploma, immigration documents, court order, divorce decree, judgement, Police record.
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Free Quote

We are available to answer your questions, provide quotes, or explain the translation process around the clock. Please remember, this is a free, no-obligation quote.

Call toll-free at 1-800-893-0402 or email for a Free Quote.

Since each translation is more or less unique, our rates are determined by three factors:

- The nature of the text to be translated
- The word count of the source document and
- The urgency of the project

Minimum translation charge is one hour. Rates for technical or highly specialized translations might be higher. Discount rates may apply for large projects or returning clients. Shipping and/or notarization, if required, are the responsibility of the client.

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