2nd Day Certified Translation
We provide a quick turnaround for the following certified and notarized translations to/from Romanian: birth, marriage and death certificate, school transcript and diploma, immigration documents, court order, divorce decree, judgement, Police record.
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We offer a full range of Romanian Language services including:

           • Translation (business and personal documents)

           • Interpretation (consecutive, simultaneous, over the phone)

           • Proofreading, Editing, Abstracting

           • Language and Cultural training

Areas of specialization

Business and Finance: Marketing, Human Resources, Public Relations, Banking, Business Administration, Insurance, Advertising, Business Reports, Newsletters, Brochures, Business Plans, Proposals, Company Profiles

Academic: Transcripts, Diplomas and Certificates, Syllabi, Course Descriptions

Immigration Documents: Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, Divorce Decrees

Legal: Contracts, Court orders, Depositions, Trials, Affidavits, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Judgments, Adoption Papers, Apostil Services, Divorce Decrees

Medical and Healthcare: Doctor's Visits, Instructions for Use, Workers Compensation, Questionnaires, Pharmaceutical Documents

Information Technology: Websites, Computer Software and Hardware

Technical: Product and Safety Manuals, MSDS, Help Files

Humanities and Social Science: Literature, Journalism, Education, Art, Government, Environment, History, Religion, Sociology, Psychology

The process

In order to provide our customers with the highest possible quality, wehave a very strict Three-Step Quality Assurance Process.

1. Translation - We use specialty references, subject-dependent glossaries and online professional communities to provide the best translation possible.

2. Editing - All translations are reviewed by a second linguist who also specializes in the subject matter at hand. This linguist is required to do a word-for-word review against the original text. This process weeds out any possible errors. The texts are checked for style, grammar, and accuracy.

3. Proofreading - Once the translation is complete, a final check is made to ensure that all client instructions have been followed and that the job is ready to be dispatched in the correct format.


We are well aware of the importance of confidentiality in a very competitive business environment. At all times we exercise due discretion in respect of disclosure to any third party of any information contained in the original documents or translations.

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